New Virtual Learning Seminars

Innovative Health is pleased to announce the availability of three new informational web sessions, designed to help fill the learning gap left by the cancellation of this year’s Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions. These sessions are intended to educate administrators and clinicians on new and emerging opportunities for cost reductions through the reprocessing of advanced EP devices.

Originally presented as live events in early May, the three webinars are available for viewing on the Innovative Health learning center here. They are as follows.


“When the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic prompted the cancellation of the 2020 Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions, administrators and clinicians lost access to their usual forum for learning about new technological and clinical advancements in our industry,” said Innovative Health CEO Rick Ferreira. “Innovative Health is helping to overcome this shared obstacle by bringing new educational programs to a virtual environment. The chosen topics, all focused on how hospitals can reduce EP lab costs through better utilization of device reprocessing, will be particularly relevant as administrators and clinicians prepare for the reopening of EP labs—and subsequent pent-up demand for procedures—when this ongoing health crisis recedes.”

Administrators and clinicians can learn more and join these webinars by visiting Innovative Health’s virtual learning seminars here.

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