Happy Holidays from Innovative Health!

Innovative Health wishes all our customers, fellow reprocessors, original manufacturers and all Electrophysiology (EP) lab staff across the country a Happy Holiday! We are looking forward to working with you and increasing savings in the EP lab in 2020.

Innovative Health finishes 2019 with 31 FDA clearances since 2016 – we got the latest clearance for Medtronic's Achieve Advance Mapping Diagnostic EP Catheter this week. Our commitment to a specialty reprocessing focus has made a difference for our customers this year, as they have been able to add more and more devices to the list of devices they reprocess. This year, in fact, of the 8 devices we have obtained clearance for in 2019, 5 are unique devices – devices that nobody else can reprocess. A basket of these devices represents total ADDITIONAL savings of more than $2,500 – or hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.


...of the 8 devices we have obtained clearance for in 2019, 5 are unique devices – devices that nobody else can reprocess.


In 2019, we have experienced that this has changed how EP labs are working with reprocessors: Historically, there hasn’t been a big difference between reprocessors in terms of the savings they could offer: they all had the same clearances. So, in choosing an EP reprocessing partner, hospitals simply looked at where they had the best relations. Today, it makes a difference, and EP labs are beginning to look “under the hood” to ensure that the reprocessor’s portfolio is adequate – and growing.

“Under the hood” of a specialty reprocessor like Innovative Health, they find a focused effort to drive savings in a narrow clinical area. As a result, the specialty reprocessor builds unique reprocessing technologies (technologies that enable the reprocessing of still more complex devices), and strong regulatory and clinical expertise in that clinical area – based on physician interaction. This is what produces the ability for the specialty reprocessor to obtain more clearances and drive savings up.

However, our customers tell us about another characteristic of the specialty EP reprocessor: Program execution. This is important, because optimizing an EP reprocessing program is not a transactional, logistical task - it is a collaborative, organizational task:

  • A strong specialty reprocessing partner is data-driven and knows about past utilization patterns, national average device prices, rejection and buy-back rates, par levels, and device configurations by case type
  • Deep understanding of the market dynamics that drive new product launches, competitive developments and device usage – and knows how to respond
  • Operational and technical/engineering support that ensures that you can make the right decisions about the use of new and reprocessed technology
  • A specialty reprocessor gets INVOLVED in EP lab management – our customers come to see us in our plant to discuss how to manage supply chain decisions 

Let’s talk more in the new year about increasing reprocessing savings in the EP lab.

Happy Holidays!


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